Sk’eyes is a team of professionals providing photography & videography services in Mauritius. Although specialized in weddings and music videos, the company is also actively involved in commercials, photo shoots as well as corporate and event coverage.

Our team values spontaneity and natural emotions as much as meticulousness and attention for details. Indeed, we consider these as the cornerstones of the success for any event coverage, most particularly weddings. Our philosophy is to enable each and everyone to relive a life moment or a souvenir at a simple glimpse, and bring out details that might have gone unnoticed, but which however made all the difference. We consider of upmost importance the transmission of emotions when our clients see their wedding photos or videos.

The choice of our name is far from being trivail. In fact, Sk’eyes is a homophone for “Skies” and is for our team a motto: TO ALWAYS AIM FOR THE SKIES. 

The Initiator:

It’s my dad who introduced me to the world of photography. I have always been fascinated by the fact that a moment could be transformed into an image. It quickly became my passion for it's an amazing universe, full of discoveries, trips, new interesting things and enriching meetings. Photography is just like an adventure.
Once I started my career in photography in Mauritius, I developed a preference for weddings. I think wedding coverage is a determinant in the life of a photographer. It teaches one not only how to deal with different photography styles during one same event, but also how to bring out the emotion of the moment.
Being myself a cinephile, it didn’t take me much time before starting to practice videography as well. It is the considerate gap between most videos realized in Mauritius and those realized abroad which caught my attention and made me want to provide high quality international standard services in Mauritius. As soon as I understood that techniques and structure play a great role in videos, I thought it was important to bring my contribution and personal touch to the audio visual field as well.
My aim as a photographer & videographer is to make people feel a moment through a picture or video even if they weren’t present at this particular time. I definitely advocate depth of feeling as much as depth of field.
Since the launching of Sk'eyes, we have been very lucky to be an award-winning company for film-making, but that isn't what matters. However, what matters the most is the satisfaction of our clients. Each and every positive review or recommendation are what we consider as awards. That's why we like to meet our clients beforehand. It's a way to get to know them more, to discuss about what they are looking for so that we are able to reach or even exceed their expectation.

~ Guito Jugloll

What do our Clients think about us?

The team is described by its clients as professionals who are always listening to their customers and who do everything to put them at ease. "They are very friendly and understanding. The quality of the work is not only amazing but the ideas are also original. It's a team of passionate people who never miss out on details. They are dynamic and determined to have a good rendering. They do their best to adapt to each client to immortalize their awesome moments and satisfy them."



“OMG if there was 100. I would rate you and your team. You guys were amazing and very professional I never saw any team of photographers/ videographers this professional. You guys were amazing, even if it was very hot you guys didn’t let that stop your work and even when you knew that we were tired you still gave us idea on what to do next for the shoot. At the reception I was amaze how you all communicate with each other. Our photo booth was never left without a photographer. You guys are just amazing!”