Videography - Terms & Conditions

(Effective as from 26th October 2023)

1. This Videography Terms & Conditions is only between SK'EYES LTD and the future newlyweds or wedding planner or any party responsible of the payment.

2. Payments - An initial reservation fee of minimum 50% of total amount is required to hold shooting dates and pre-production video planning. 25% of the payment must be done at the latest one week before the wedding date and the remaining 25% must be completed upon delivery of the final product(s).

3. Artistic Release - i) While choosing SK’EYES LTD services, the client is considered to agree and accept its videography style and colors., noting that:

1) Wedding Videos - refers to a chronological event coverage of your event

2) Wedding Highlights - refers to a 3 to 7 minutes video highlights of the best moment of your wedding, not necessarily in chronological order.

ii) Videography service consists of a basic video editing and does not imply any special effects or 3D animation.

4. Delivery of Finished Product - i) Clients will receive the link to their private wedding video as well as the code to access it via email or any online messaging service. Wedding videos can also be picked up on a USB Drive (if applicable) in person or a representative of SK'EYES LTD may deliver the products upon agreed condition.

ii) Delivery options are: private link to download wedding film and/or highlights and/or USB Drives (depending on chosen package).

iii) Final product should be ready within 3 months after the event’s date but may vary depending on availability and wedding seasons. In case of any delay, SK'EYES LTD should inform client accordingly.

5. Postponement/Cancellation - i) In case of a postponement of the event, the reservation fee is not refundable. If the event is postponed for not more than 3 months, then SK'EYES LTD should consider moving to the postponed date upon its availability. If event is postponed for more than 3 months, then the event will be considered as cancelled. Postponement must be communicated at least 14 days prior to the event. Failure to do so, will result in a postponement fee of 10% of the chosen package.

In the event of postponement, SK'EYES LTD will use commercially reasonable efforts to accommodate Client’s change. If SK'EYES LTD is not able to accommodate Client’s change despite using commercially reasonable efforts, the parties agree that such Rescheduling will be deemed as Cancellation by Client and that SK'EYES LTD will be under no obligation to perform the Services other than on the original date of the Wedding.

ii) In case of cancellation of the event, the reservation fee is not refundable.

iii) SK'EYES LTD reserves the right to cancel the booking in case of events outside of our control (sickness, injury, death, quarantine, etc...). In this case, client will receive a 100% refund of the booking made within 2 months.

6. Liability - SK'EYES LTD liability is limited entirely to the reservation fee and any deposits paid. SK’EYES LTD should not be held responsible for any event or act considered as "outside the control of SK'EYES LTD", for example any natural disaster or any event/person compromising the event’s planning. SK'EYES LTD shall not be held liable for injury or damages exceeding the value of this agreement. 

7. Assigns/Substitutions –i) It is the sole responsibility of SK’EYES LTD to assign the role of each videographer.

ii) Client will not be required to supply any videography equipment to SK'EYES LTD.

iii) SK'EYES LTD will ensure that the services are performed in a good, expedient, workmanlike and safe manner, and in such a manner as to avoid unreasonable interference with Client’s activities.

iv) In the event of illness or any reason beyond the control of SK'EYES LTD, SK'EYES LTD reserves the right to substitute for the videographer(s) assigned. In the unlikely event that no substitute is obtained, SK'EYES LTD shall terminate this Agreement and shall return the Deposit and all fees paid by Client, and thereafter shall have no further liability to Client

8. Authorization- i) All authorizations and fees to access wedding venue(s) will be on the client's responsibility.

ii) It is also the sole responsibility of the client to make sure that the use of drone (if applicable) is authorized at the wedding venue(s).

iii) The SK'EYES Team reserves the right to refuse using drones in flight restricted zones.

9. Production - i) K'EYES LTD ensures maintenance of equipment and backup of data. In the unlikely case of an equipment failure or data lost by corrupt file(s), SK'EYES LTD will not be held responsible but ensures to encounter any possible actions to recover the data and take responsibility for any applicable charges. 

ii) Lighting at event location(s) should not be too dimmed. Excessive smoke from smoke machines are not recommended. Failure to accommodate lighting requirements will cause grainy, unclear images and limited coverage. Laser light is considerate as a significant danger for the camera sensors. SK'EYES LTD reserves the right to interrupt or terminate coverage if laser lights are being used at the event.

iii) Any third party should not interfere within the existing deal between the client and SK’EYES LTD.

iv) All media (videos & sound recorded) will be representative of the actual event. SK’EYES LTD does not take responsibility for any unexpected situation, event or person which may compromise the photo shooting.

v) SK’EYES LTD reserves the right to refuse shooting in case where SK’EYES LTD properties or staffs are at risk (for example rain, fire, storm, big wind, or dangerous/inaccessible places), but the team remains open to find another option together with the newly weds.

vi) SK'EYES LTD reserves the right to terminate coverage and leave the event if member(s) of the team experience hostility, inappropriate or offensive behavior from any person at the event.

vii) SK’EYES LTD is ready to work up to a cyclone Class 2 alert. In case of Cyclone Class 3, the team will not be able to be present at the event or will immediately stop working and leave if the event has already started.

viii) In the unlikely case that a huge traffic, flash floods, riot, strike, pilgrimage, or any other event prevents SK'EYES LTD from attending the event on time or not attending it at all, SK'EYES LTD should not be held responsible and shall inform the client accordingly.

ix) Client acknowledges and agrees that SK'EYES LTD will be the exclusive provider of the Services in coverage of the Wedding, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing.

10. Post-production - i) Wedding Packages include one video editing. SK’EYES LTD offers re-edits only in case of technical errors (Ex: black scenes, error in image or sound).

ii) All requests and details concerning the wedding video(s) like video length, songs to be included and end credits (if any), will be communicated at latest 10 days after the wedding. Or else, the editing music, title and lengths will be upon the editor's decision. Additional video editing is chargeable.

11. Meals - When the number of hours that Videographer will be providing the Services is expected to exceed 5 hours in duration, Client accept to provide a meal to SK'EYES LTD Staffs. In case that Client has not plan to do so, SK'EYES LTD Staffs will absent themselves from the event for a maximum of one hour to have an appropriate meal.

12. Rights – i) The general rule under copyright law (Copyright Act 2014) is that the creator of an image (the videographer) owns all rights to it. After the final payment, the clients will have all the rights to use, publish and make copies of their video(s). However, SK'EYES LTD remains the image creator.

ii) It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that there are no copyright infringements in the delivered product.

iii) For advertising purpose, wedding highlights or small part of wedding video may be displayed/broadcasted/streamed on SK'EYES social networks (Website, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) or any other platform.

iv) All videos are delivered only to the newlyweds or the party responsible for the payment.

v) SKEYES LTD shall abide to any Government Law in force at the date of the event.

13. Usage - Clients receive the final edited video masters only. The raw footages remain with SK'EYES LTD.

14. Model releases - i) - It is the client's responsibility to ensure that all persons appearing in the video understand their rights and compensation with the final product.

ii) Client must ensure that all the guests present at the event accept being filmed.

15. Collaboration – i) SK'EYES LTD will work closely with the client to deliver the final product. Clear and efficient communication between the client and SK'EYES LTD is key to getting a project done on time and within the budget.

ii) Every effort must be done by the client and SK’EYES LTD to reach the expected final result.

16. Compatibility - SK'EYES LTD delivers video in MP4 format. Final delivery will be on a USB Drive 2.0 up to 32 GB (depending on chosen package). SK'EYES LTD is not responsible for incompatibility with this format and client's media reader.

17. Archival - i) SK'EYES LTD will keep all event/project data on its database for 7 days after final product delivery. Archival beyond that time is the client’s responsibility.

ii) If final products have not been collected 6 months following the event and the client does not show any interest in receiving them, all raw footage and final product should automatically be deleted.

iii) If the client wants to postpone the delivery of the final products, an official request must be made to SK’EYES LTD. An additional storage fee may be applicable.

18. Epidemic/Pandemic Outbreak

Here is the different arrangements in case of an epidemic, pandemic outbreak or any similar cases (Ex: COVID-19):

Booking - Booking will be done through online discussions, bank transactions, and telephone exchanges only.

Delivery - Delivery of wedding highlights will be done online only. If public gathering is not recommended or prohibited, delivery time will be postponed until further notice. Wedding film and/or wedding highlights will be kept until it is safe to proceed with deliveries.

Postponement - In case of a postponement of the event, the reservation fee is not refundable. However, postponement time will be extended from 3 to 5 months (see Term 5 above). If the event is postponed for not more than 5 months, then SK’EYES LTD should consider moving to the postponed date upon its availability.

Safety - i) SK’EYES LTD reserves the right to refuse shooting at an event in the case where its staffs are at risk, but the team remains open to find another option together with the newlyweds.

ii) For their safety, staff may be wearing masks and/or any other protective equipment at the event.

Videography Services

Providing videography as a service, we cannot ignore the facts that it is an art and like all arts, it is subjective. As Sara Blecher explains: “Art is incredibly subjective. What is great art to one person isn’t necessarily to another”. This is the reason why we encourage discussions and/or meetings prior the event. All personal requests (videos not to be missed, example of videos) if any, must all be communicated before the event.

According to Piet Mondrian, “the only problem in arts is to achieve a balance between subjective and objective”. However, our team is fully dedicated to meet your expectation to the best we can. If you have special demand concerning your videos, we encourage you to prepare for same in terms of venues, accessories & all related details, so your wedding videos can fulfill your expectations.